Institutional Distinctiveness

Holistic Development of students through NSS Activities

Vagdevi Degree College has achieved academic excellence through the contributions of students andfaculty. The institution has been continuously interacting with industry, research organizations, and preeminent academic institutions to provide quality education on its ascent to excellence. The institute has a proactive policy regarding social outreach camps, which distinguishes it from other institutions as a socially responsible institution. Vagdevi Degree College was founded with the aim of not only providing quality education at low cost, but also socially uplifting and empowering its neighboring community through knowledge assistance.

This organization should sincerely serve the educational needs of the common man in this global city.” In 2012, a group of academicians, philanthropists and administrators established this mission, and in the same spirit of sincerity, we adhere to rigorous academic, professional, and societal performance standards.

The institution believes that there is more to college life than academics, games, friends, and fun. It also involves learning to interact with others and being aware of social, environmental, and gender issues, as well as social inequalities. The institution affords each student the chance to contribute to the improvement of the society in which they reside and to develop into better people. The Vagdevi Degree College is committed to instilling in its students social values and responsibilities.

In addition to other sports, cultural, and technical activities, the NSS unit plans plantation and field trips to expose students to the most pressing social issues. Experts organized a session on Human Value & Professional Ethics (HVPE). In addition, every first-year faculty member has completed a brief course in HVPE and engages in open discussions with students on a regular basis. The first-year students engage in a variety of activities to expose them to the pressing environmental issues that plague us. They are taken on field trips to related industries and are encouraged to participate in environmental competitions.

Students receive a special emphasis on societal development through an active NSS unit that performs numerous community service projects to instill social values. The NSS unit participates in a variety of activities throughout the year, including street plays, cleanliness drives, tree-planting drives, donationdrives, waste management drives, gender equity, and field trips. The NSS unit also participated in the campus-wide plastic recycling initiative launched by the principal and successfully implemented. It highlighted the subject: “Plastic is not harmful. It is improper to dispose of plastic in the way that you do.

The institute ensures that social values and the desire to contribute to society extend beyond the NSS unit. Many students come up with ideas to contribute to society in addition to NSS activities, and at VDC. we encourage them to implement these ideas. The students have also organized donation drives for those affected by COVID and other natural calamities.


The institution encourages the participation of students and faculty in extracurricular activities through events that enable them to comprehend and gain knowledge about societal issues such as the Essence of life (in terms of self-discipline, culture, and education), education, and employment. Additionally, it facilitates maintaining a healthy relationship with society. Students acquire prioritization and time management skills while participating in extracurricular activities in college. The personalities of talented students are well-groomed, which enables them to face the world more effectively.


The dissemination of knowledge cannot be an academic project of human development in isolation because it is intricately informed by the related discourses of social, economic, cultural, and spiritual growth, without which it is difficult to sustain a civilization, society, or individual. Students develop a sense of responsibility through extracurricular activities, which teach them how to work toward a common goal. It increases their confidence and teaches them how to cooperate and work with others in a variety of settings. They learn to confront the challenges that their education and careers present. The college’s NSS unit has consistently contributed to community outreach efforts by:

Yoga day celebration

Voter’s day

Awareness for pregnant woman

AIDS Awareness

Digital Literacy programme

Tree plantation programme

Ethics of life

Blood donation

Awareness on Menstrual cycle

Women’s Day celebration

Awareness on cyber crime

Say no to child Labor and child marriage

Health Camps etc.

Awareness on dengue

Entrepreneurship development programme

Gender equality

Evidence of Success:

Extension and Outreach activities increase social interaction and relationship formation opportunities. As the majority of these activities are group-based, they have students from various subcultures, allowing them to learn about people with diverse interests and cultures. The development of students’ interpersonal skills is aided by their interaction with individuals from diverse backgrounds. The evidence of success is determined by:

Regarding NSS within the institution.

Number of activities conducted between 2017 and 2022

Social Services of Surrounding Communities

Number of accolades and commendations.

Distinguish alumni.

Placements, Pass Rate, and Higher Education Information Faculty and student participation in extension activities.